Thursday, 9 August 2007

The TAFE crew meets Kevin in 07

Nirvair Kaur meets the next PM

Meeting the next PM

We were lucky enough to meet Kevin Rudd at a recent function. He was an approachable and interesting man. As soon as he found out their was a traditional oriental college in Cairns (Zendo Health) he recounted movements of the White Crane. Having worked the crowd for about an hour and a half at the function we ended up in the lift with him. Mathew said; Knock them dead. Quick as a wink he replied; I will if it doesn't kill me first.

It is hard on the campaign trail and one wonders if it really is worth the stress. One only has to look at how much Keating, Howard, Clinton or Blair rapidly aged in the job. While many of us would like to the Prime Minister it may be a blessing that we're not.

At least Mr Rudd appears to be interested in improving the general state of health and education along with other worthy initiatives. He already has a petition to reinstate free dental care on his website. Good luck Kevin. May 07 be your year!