Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Wiki space for students

Students who want to submit work and share insights can go to the Zendo Health wiki space: http://zendohealth.wikispaces.com

Ask Nirvair kaur for your password to enter the site and submit work
or simply click on this link


New Courses in 2007

Evening lecture on life & Zen
October 24
7:00 - 9:00 pm
With Zen Master Hogen san
Wednesday evening
see link to website: http://www.zendohealth.com.au/calendar.htm

Zen Meditation Retreat
With Master Hogen san
October 25-29
This retreat is open to both intermediate and new students
5 days non residential limited sleeping arrangements

Chi Nei Tsang
Abdominal Massage with Jutta Kellenberger
November 1-4
4 day intensive

Taoist Massage Practice
Taoist Sages practiced Chi Nei Tsang to clear and discharge old and stagnant energy (CHI) and information stored in the internal organs, to allow clear energy to enter. The disturbances of stagnant energy can cause physical tangling and knotting of nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes, and gradual obstruction of energy circulation. The practice of CNT achieves the highest state of health, and freedom from old and obstructing patterns.

CNT by Jutta Kellenberger
Jutta Kellenberger has been a CNT teacher after receiving intensive and senior instructor training in 1990, from Taoist Master Mantak Chia . She has since taught The Universal Tao System and CNT Abdominal Massage, in Asia, Europe and now in New Zealand and Australia. Jutta will deliver this intensive training over 4 full days and will utilize text by Master Mantak Chia. Due to the popularity of this training…. potential students are recommended to register , and send registration forms and deposits ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Quantum Light Breath
November 8-29
Thursday 6.00– 8.30pm
An introduction into the QLB Technique
Meditation and Breath Work
4 week introductory course

Gathering Medicine
November 12 - December 10
9.00am– 3.00pm
36-Hour Module in Macrobiotic Cooking
Mondays @ Clifton Beach

Cupping Workshop
With Barbara Malarski
Sunday November 11
1 day workshop

The Insight Process
February 2008—March 2009
Growth and Transformation Process
see link to Insight Process http://www.zendohealth.com.au/Insight_process.htm
A one year intensive self devlopment process starts February 2008


With the new National Health Training Package HLT07 to have only been released this year, all Natural Medicine students embarking on a journey in Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine now need to participate in a full time 18 month training. On recommendation of the Shiatsu Therapy Association Australia and with support of some of the well known Colleges in Oriental Medicine, Certificate IV in Shiatsu has been taken out of the Health Training Package.

While this is perhaps difficult time wise for some students who only wish to study this subject for 6 months, it is in actual fact a welcome development for both students and their future clients, for it means a better foundation , extended knowledge, more technical know how, with therefore a much better service to clients and the community, and better job opportunity for practitioners.

Students or practitioners with Certificate IV like in any other profession can upgrade their skills by partaking in the new diploma course or participate in short intermediate courses to meet the new criteria set by all the Shiatsu Associations and Insurance companies. Zendo Health has formed an official partnership with TNQIT which guaranties the new graduates better training,, a higher Nationally accredited award with better job opportunities.

The Art of Being

Life seems to be a continuous stream of activities. One task finished with the next one already waiting. What has happened to the days we spend our time playing in the sand or in our parents backyard...it seems like lifetimes ago. Our innate sense of BEING replaced by the DOING of duties, work, minding the children, or mountains of work in preparation for classes, workshops or like the writing of this newsletter.

Human Doings instead of Human Beings, always on the road to more. Can we stop to just be still for one moment , to sit on the veranda and watch the birds, or just decide to sit in a quiet place and contemplate the working of our busy minds. Contemplate the life that we seem to have but not necessarily live. Do we see the picture or are we in it? Those are the moments we all need to create TO BE in our life, CALM, PEACE and WELLNESS . The Zendo Health center has become a place for the rejuvenation of tired sometimes unwell bodies and minds, but it is possible to create this in our individual life and our homes.

A wonderful piece of music, a cup of tea with a loving friend, a hug, a quiet conversation, coming home to the smell of a lovingly cooked meal. Breathing in and breathing out ” BEING HERE AND NOW” realizing we are here for just another day in paradise!

Skin Cancer

Whilst there isn’t much written about Skin Cancer and the Oriental view on it , I personally observed over the last three decades as a practitioner and teacher in the oriental modalities the interesting phenomena of internal heat meeting external heat. Most clients with skin cancers present themselves with what is known in Oriental Medicine as extreme internal heat. This heat is often caused by the liver being overactive and organs like the kidneys being unable to cool the body down. Most of these clients also seem to have in common long term held in anger or the inability to blow of steam, hence a liver that produces fire but has no way of regulating itself other than through the skin. When this is met by heat of the sun, or as medical science now knows by certain types of internal heat producing food, which contain high levels of fat …. the bodies natural mechanism to expel does so by raising the temperature underneath the skin. Oriental Medicine recommends for such conditions cooling foods and the occasional lifting of the lid of the pressure cooker.

Ask us about cooling diets next time you are in the clinic. Nirvair Kaur

A Tool for Inner Quality

As human beings we are basically all the same; after all we belong to the same planet, All sentient beings have the same innate nature that want happiness and don’t want to suffer. All of us need love and desire something good. As far as material development is concerned, we have already achieved a great deal with most nations on this planet aiming for better quality and a prosperous society.
We may eventually achieve this, however material development is not sufficient for human happiness. We need more than external object in order to be happy and well.

The most important thing in life is affection & love. Without love and affection we cannot achieve genuine happiness, for a happier life means happier relationships. Not just individual relationships but relationships in general. The key to happiness though is inner quality and a knowing, not necessarily the absence of suffering.

His holiness The Dalai Lama