Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Art of Being

Life seems to be a continuous stream of activities. One task finished with the next one already waiting. What has happened to the days we spend our time playing in the sand or in our parents backyard...it seems like lifetimes ago. Our innate sense of BEING replaced by the DOING of duties, work, minding the children, or mountains of work in preparation for classes, workshops or like the writing of this newsletter.

Human Doings instead of Human Beings, always on the road to more. Can we stop to just be still for one moment , to sit on the veranda and watch the birds, or just decide to sit in a quiet place and contemplate the working of our busy minds. Contemplate the life that we seem to have but not necessarily live. Do we see the picture or are we in it? Those are the moments we all need to create TO BE in our life, CALM, PEACE and WELLNESS . The Zendo Health center has become a place for the rejuvenation of tired sometimes unwell bodies and minds, but it is possible to create this in our individual life and our homes.

A wonderful piece of music, a cup of tea with a loving friend, a hug, a quiet conversation, coming home to the smell of a lovingly cooked meal. Breathing in and breathing out ” BEING HERE AND NOW” realizing we are here for just another day in paradise!

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