Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Skin Cancer

Whilst there isn’t much written about Skin Cancer and the Oriental view on it , I personally observed over the last three decades as a practitioner and teacher in the oriental modalities the interesting phenomena of internal heat meeting external heat. Most clients with skin cancers present themselves with what is known in Oriental Medicine as extreme internal heat. This heat is often caused by the liver being overactive and organs like the kidneys being unable to cool the body down. Most of these clients also seem to have in common long term held in anger or the inability to blow of steam, hence a liver that produces fire but has no way of regulating itself other than through the skin. When this is met by heat of the sun, or as medical science now knows by certain types of internal heat producing food, which contain high levels of fat …. the bodies natural mechanism to expel does so by raising the temperature underneath the skin. Oriental Medicine recommends for such conditions cooling foods and the occasional lifting of the lid of the pressure cooker.

Ask us about cooling diets next time you are in the clinic. Nirvair Kaur


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